Mozilla’s Voice-Controlled Browser

Mozilla’s Voice-Controlled Browser

Picture this: it’s Monday morning and you just got to work. You head to the meeting room for your weekly meeting that is supposed to start at 8:00 AM. However, the organizer can’t find the dial-in access code and finally begins the meeting at 8:15 AM. What if that meeting could actually start at 8:00 AM by simply saying, “Alexa start the meeting?” With Artificial Intelligence becoming more intertwined with technology, it is smarter than it has ever been. Therefore, it is no surprise to us that the field continues its expansion with Mozilla experimenting with a voice-controlled browser. This concept can allow the firm to be a pioneer in a new area, as this new browser will allow for much easier access for people who have jobs that require hands-free operation, suffer from visual impairment or mobility issues.

The idea of voice integration in software is a very hot topic in the field right now, as new technologies such as Google Assistant have also begun to emerge. Will voice-controlled technology continue to evolve into the mainstream of technology and become a norm with every product? Or will it be a fad that fizzles out? Share your opinion below!

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