We provide SaaS and custom cloud-based IoT, mobile and analytic solutions to solve healthcare and manufacturing business challenges.

We help companies connect their devices to the cloud and provide secure cloud solutions to enhance operations, real-time dashboards and analytics.

Our platform for IoT integrators provides their customers with better insights into their environments by monitoring and collecting data to solve challenges before problems arise.

End-to-End Solutions

When clients choose us to implement their cloud-based solutions, they can expect better operational efficiency, reduced costs and faster resolutions.

Internet of Things

We help you collect the data you need to monitor your environment and make better business decisions.

Manufacturing Improvements

We are experts at helping manufacturers improve key areas such as quality, productivity and waste reduction. We created a prescriptive solution that Exceeds manufacturers expectations.

Enterprise Cloud Architecture

Our team has built many on-prem and cloud solutions. Our expertise on device and data security as well as understanding the data needs of the application and users allow us to design solutions your users love.

Predictive Analytics

Be proactive and put your data to work. Determine patterns and trends to spot issues before they happen. Take action when it is convenient instead of when it is an emergency.

Mobile Applications

Interact with your environment using your smart phone or tablet. Take action and request information with the tap of your screen. Stay connected even when you are offline.


Surgeons using an interface for operating in a hospital

IoT for Medical Devices

Securely connected medical devices provide physicians and patients with immediate alerts, real-time health information and historical data to identify trends and potential issues. The ability for device manufactures to connect to a secure cloud environment allows them to address challenges in fresh ways.

Surgery Planning

It may be surprising to learn that a top cause in surgical delays is inventory issues which starts in the planning phase. Issues range from clean tools to custom implants being completed on time. IoT enables hospital staff to ensure surgeries are performed on time by tracking current usage and allowing the planning phase to lock in needed equipment.

Post Surgery Analytics

Collecting data during surgery allows surgeons and staff to answer post-op questions with real data. Analytics  provide insights into how the procedure differed from the plan and by how much. The historical data can be used for future planning of similar cases and identify any issues based on similar conditions and patient history.


The mechanism of an automatic machine for filling and capping bottles.

IoT for Manufacturing

IoT integrators are looking for ways to set themselves apart from the competition. Many IoT providers are great at building a connected sensor solution, but fall short in making sense of the collected data with data collected from other sensor vendors. Simtelligent bridges the gap by allowing IoT integration companies to combine data from multiple IoT vendors and display real-time analytics, predictive analytics and digital-twins of your real manufacturing environments.

Predictive Analytics

How much does it cost to fix an issue after it occurs? How much does downtime cost? What if you can be notified of potential issues before they occur and resolve them when it is convenient? If you want to be on top-of-mind for your customers you need to provide predictive analytics.

Digital Twin

What would a virtual model of your environment do for you? What iff you could monitor your manufacturing environment remotely on your mobile device? We give you full transparency into your manufacturing environment.


Yes, we have solutions in a number of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, corrections, finance and non-profit. As the core of our solutions is not industry specific, we always look for opportunities to help companies across various disciplines.

As your enterprise collects large amounts of data from diverse sources, our solutions help you analyze your data in-depth to provide measurable results and help you make better business decisions and understand your internal processes.

Yes, we work with companies to:

  • Identify a use case where Alexa can help streamline their business processes
  • Build a proof of concept Alexa Skill
  • Help measure and determine if and how they can move forward with a full Alexa integration