IoT Standard Language by Qualcomm

IoT Standard Language by Qualcomm

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling our mobile technology to network and collaborate together in an unprecedented fashion. Modern smart devices can communicate with the user, and now also with surrounding smart devices to create optimal conditions for the user. This allows for a smarter home and office environment, as data collected from one device can now be shared with and analyzed by devices all around the house or office. However, there are some growing pains, as the largest obstacle that IoT devices are currently facing is communicating with one another in a consistent language.

There is currently zero compatibility between IoT devices manufactured by different firms, as each firm has their devices and equipment speaking their own language. Qualcomm, a chipmaking giant also vested in the IoT field, has been developing a language known as AllJoyn for nearly five years that can solve this issue. AllJoyn would sync all of the IoT devices in your house so that they could collaborate effectively, allowing for a wide range of possibilities. Imagine being able to walk into your house with the lights you frequently use turning on as you walk without you having to touch a switch. Imagine the temperature of the house stabilizing at your desired temperature within minutes of your arrival. Imagine being able to send a text message to your oven from the car on your way home from work telling it to preheat to 400°F. IoT devices are currently growing in popularity, and it may soon be the norm that every device in a house or business is connected. This connectivity of technology can ultimately assist us with being more efficient in our daily tasks.

What potential benefits do you see from this increased connectivity? Is there anything about the increased communication between IoT devices that make you feel uneasy?

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