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In our modern world, everything is constantly connected through Internet of Things (IoT) devices, as they feed each other data in real time.  These small devices have the capability of interacting with one another, other electronics in your house or office, your mobile device, or any other device connected to the same network.  This connectivity […]

Making a business decision requires understanding all of the relevant information to ensure you make an informed decision.  Data is the backbone to informed decision making.  When collecting data, it is important to understand that there are actually four different collection methods: observing, surveying, interviewing, and conducting focus group sessions. Each data collection method can be effective […]

Build vs Buy- Your Future is at Risk Introduction I can’t help but wonder… Why is it that so many executives make the wrong choice, ultimately putting their company at major risk while simultaneously racking up additional expenses over time? Modern companies, across all industries, are feeling increasing pressure to stay innovative by constantly adding value where they can. We have seen this […]

The Impact of AI on Facial Recognition For decades, futuristic movies have contained facial recognition technology.  As we watch, we imagine what our lives would be like if we too had a facial scanner at our office door.  Facial recognition technology is no longer science-fiction; by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with exceptional coding, facial recognition is now a reality!  The applications are truly unlimited, as […]

Google’s AI Ethical Code The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) seem to be endless, as it can be used to analyze and interact with data in a way that no human could have ever imagined.  AI was designed with the intentions of advancing science for a greater good, however, there is currently a hot debate in the field regarding AI and ethics- as some recent applications of […]

IoT Standard Language by Qualcomm The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling our mobile technology to network and collaborate together in an unprecedented fashion. Modern smart devices can communicate with the user, and now also with surrounding smart devices to create optimal conditions for the user. This allows for a smarter home and office environment, as data […]

Mozilla’s Voice-Controlled Browser Picture this: it’s Monday morning and you just got to work. You head to the meeting room for your weekly meeting that is supposed to start at 8:00 AM. However, the organizer can’t find the dial-in access code and finally begins the meeting at 8:15 AM. What if that meeting could actually […]