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Monday morning.  You walk into the office, sit down, and log into your email.  89 unread messages.  As you scroll through your inbox, you come across an interesting email from your vendor: “Late notice- bill three months overdue.  Late fees accrued.”  A rather strange message, as you thought that the bill had already been paid.  As you finish checking your emails, you stand up to stretch, and you see a piece of paper wedged between your desk and the wall.  After unfolding it, you see that it is the unpaid electricity bill from three months ago.  This was a reality for our client.  Prior to our intervention, the firm was consistently paying late fees on their bills and losing their valuable cash and company time searching for old invoices.

Tired of paying late fees- The desire for a change was born, as they realized that the cost of a new invoice management system would be a less expensive and more effective one-time cost than dozens of late fees over the course of years.  They had some options to weigh, as there was another team competing for the project.  However, this firm was familiar with us from past projects, so they sought us out for a solution.  They trust that we will deliver a quality product in a timely manner.  Our solution once again fulfilled the business need while exceeding expectations, as the firm was able to save money on late fees and data entry.

The solution to their problem was a simple one- we created a web-based management system for scanning and tracking invoices.  This system was then integrated into their Enterprise Resource System (ERP System), SAP Business One.  Integrating the systems allows for any employee to directly scan their invoices into SAP Business One, making the life of their accounting department much easier as all the necessary information was now available in a matter of seconds just by the click of a few buttons rather than scattered around the office on invoices.  The accounting team would have to hunt down invoices then manually input the information into the system in the past.

The firm went on to use this solution until they merged with another firm and implemented a new ERP system.  In the time that they used our solution there were no late fees incurred.

After our project was completed, our client stated that:

“Simtelligent saved us 30 hours per week by automating our accounts payable process by developing and integrating a web based cloud solution with our enterprise ERP solution. This resulted in our vendors getting paid on time and our staff being able to focus on tasks with higher ROI.”

After being bombarded by late notices and realizing just how much money they were losing to them, the firm was able to take quick corrective action with our assistance.  Now, they enjoy the perks of paying invoices on time without additional late fees attached to them.

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Post by Paul Beninca

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