Why Simtelligent is the Right Choice

Simtelligent focuses on increasing quality, value and customer service for each of our clients. We accomplish this by paying attention to the individual needs of our client while designing,  developing and delivering amazing solutitions to digitize business processes. Our experience across multiple disciplines allows us to earn a trusted partnership with our clients.
  • Perpetual Innovation

    By embracing and leveraging ever-increasing
    cloud capabilities, we help solve clients'
    challenges with simplicity and elegance.

  • Ability To Execute

    A new skill is only relevant for 3-5 years. Our
    team is constantly evolving and building on new
    technologies to ensure our skills are razor sharp.

  • Focus on Customer Experience

    We saved one company 4 months and over $50k by asking if they had considered an alternative solution no other company had suggested. They were excited because whether or not they hired us, their future just got a lot brighter. They hired us.


We take good solutions

and make them great

Internet of Things

Clients want to know if IoT is a fancy buzz word or if it is here to stay. How can you take advantage of IoT to add more value?

While connected sensors is not a new concept, leaders now understand the value of IoT is in the data. By leveraging edge and cloud computing to gather, act upon and store useful data about their environment, clients have the  visibility they need to make proactive decisions to increase operations, reduce waste and lead their industry.

Find out what we are doing to use IoT revolutionize

  • Industry 4.0
  • Healthcare
  • Retail


We help you see

what others cannot

Digital Business Growth

Discover how to compete in a digital age.

The nature of disruption is changing. Many firms today have realized that digital transformation is essential to their success. The most valuable companies are all digital companies and are proving that digital platforms are crushing traditional product and service companies.

Research shows that what really makes a difference in a company’s performance and value is a digital business model, not just a few digital projects. This means a successful digital transformation must start with the CEO and supporting C-Suite team.

Our 7 Steps to Digital Transformation are designed to count your business as one of the top digital companies.

  1. Set Aspiring Goals
  2. Build the Right Team
  3. Assess Your Situation
  4. Focus on the Customer Journey
  5. Adapt Your Value Proposition
  6. Evolve Your Business Model
  7. Be Nimble and Data Driven


  • Testimonial Speaking – Burke
  • Testimonial Levy 2
  • Testimonial Levy 1
  • Testimonial Meshanko

Your presentation on 'Overcoming Key Barriers of Digital Transformation' was excellent.  It was a well delivered, fact driven, insightful overview of key disruptions in the digital business landscape and the internal resistance to adopting these changes.  Your ability to highlight the speed in which the markets are changing helps us understand the urgent need to take timely action.   You made a clear case for enterprises to work through these internal barriers in order to  provide timely innovations in their customer's digital experience (or they may not survive).   I look forward to hearing more.

Program Manager / IBM

Simtelligent saved us 30 hours per week by automating our accounts payable process by developing and integrating a web based cloud solution with our enterprise ERP solution. This resulted in our vendors getting paid on time and our staff being able to focus on tasks with higher ROI.

VP of Information Technology / Trinity Services Group

Simtelligent’s expertise in secure cloud-based mobile architecture and development allowed us to modernize customer kiosks by replacing our end-of-life computers with mobile tablets. The 71% cost savings and reduced support time allowed us to focus on growing other areas of our business.

VP of Information Technology / Trinity Services Group

Simtelligent has been great at picking up the ball where the previous vendor dropped it. We look forward to continuing work with Simtelligent to advance our digital vision.

CEO / Legacy Business Cultures


Let a born-in-the-cloud company be your guide.
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